Upcoming and Recent Organic Chemistry Books

Title Date published
Dictionary of Alkaloids, Second Edition with CD-ROM January, 2010
Simple Economical Flexible apparatus for Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis: Synthesis of Peptides January, 2010
Organic Compounds of Sulphur, Selenium and Tellurium (SPR Organic Compounds of Sulphur, Selenium and Tellurium (RSC)) (v. 1) January, 2010
Carbohydrate Chemistry January, 2010
The Chemistry of Organocopper Compounds (PATAI'S Chemistry of Functional Groups) January, 2010
An Introduction to Ionic Liquids January, 2010
General and Synthetic Methods (SPR General and Synthetic Methods (RSC)) February, 2010
Heterocyclic Chemistry (SPR Heterocyclic Chemistry (RSC)) (v. 1) February, 2010
Fluorocarbon and Related Chemistry (SPR Fluorocarbon and Related Chemistry (RSC)) (v. 2) February, 2010
Lewis Basicity and Affinity Scales: Data and Measurement February, 2010
Organic Azides: Syntheses and Applications February, 2010
Theilheimer's Synthetic Methods of Organic Chemistry February, 2010
Carbohydrate Chemistry (SPR Carbohydrate Chemistry (RSC)) February, 2010
Carbon-Centered Free Radicals and Radical Cations: Structure, Reactivity, and Dynamics (Wiley Series of Reactive Intermediates in Chemistry and Biology) February, 2010
Esterification: Methods, Reactions, and Applications February, 2010
A Small Scale Approach to Organic Laboratory Techniques: A Small-Scale Approach February, 2010
Diamines in Catalysis and in Biological Systems: Analysis and Applications February, 2010
Dzhemilev Reaction in Organic and Organometallic Synthesis (Chemistry Research and Applications) March, 2010
Carbon Dioxide as Chemical Feedstock March, 2010
Handbook of Reagents, 4 Volume Set March, 2010
The Alkaloids, Volume 68: Chemistry and Biology March, 2010
Organic Synthesis using Samarium Diiodide: A Practical Guide March, 2010
Functionalised N-Heterocyclic Carbene Complexes March, 2010
Sustainable Development in the Process Industries: Cases and Impact March, 2010
Advances in Carbohydrate Chemistry and Biochemistry, Volume 63 (Advances in Ccarbohydrate Chemistry and Biochemistry) March, 2010
Handbook of Porphyrin Science: With Applications to Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science, Engineering, Biology and Medicine March, 2010
The Action of Anhydrous Aluminium Chloride upon Unsaturated Organic Compounds March, 2010
Sulfur-Containing Reagents (Hdbk of Reagents for Organic Synthesis) March, 2010
Advances in Heterocyclic Chemistry, Volume 99 March, 2010
Terpenoids and Steroids (SPR Terpenoids and Steroids (RSC)) (v. 1) March, 2010
Asymmetric Organocatalysis (Topics in Current Chemistry) March, 2010
Industrial Photoinitiators: A Technical Guide April, 2010
Chiral Amine Synthesis: Methods, Developments and Applications April, 2010
Recoverable catalysts for asymmetric reduction of imines: Synthesis and evaluation of activities April, 2010
C-C Coupling Reactions for the Synthesis of Carbostyrils Derivatives: Quinolone and Bisquinolone Derivatives April, 2010
Macrocyclic Chemistry: New Research Developments April, 2010
Physical Organic Chemistry: New Developments April, 2010
Novel Syntheses of Nitrogen Heterocycles from Isocyanides May, 2010
Organophosphorus Chemistry (SPR Organophosphorus Chemistry (RSC)) May, 2010
Synthesis, characterization and application of ?/?-oligopeptides: as bifunctional organocatalysts for the aldol reaction May, 2010
C-P and C-C Bond Forming Reactions Based on Carbostyrils and Thioamide: Phosphine Ligands and Thioamide Derivatives May, 2010
Synthesis of Heterocycles via Multicomponent Reactions I (Topics in Heterocyclic Chemistry) May, 2010
Fulleranes: The Hydrogenated Fullerenes (Carbon Materials: Chemistry and Physics) May, 2010
Advances in Heterocyclic Chemistry, Volume 100 May, 2010
Phosphorus Heterocycles II (Topics in Heterocyclic Chemistry) May, 2010
Recent Developments in Asymmetric Organocatalysis (RSC Catalysis Series) May, 2010
Macroscale and Microscale Organic Experiments May, 2010
Organic Reactions in Water: Principles, Strategies and Applications May, 2010
C-X Bond Formation (Topics in Organometallic Chemistry) June, 2010
Handbook of Green Chemistry - Green Solvents June, 2010
Nitrene and Nitrenium Ions (Wiley Series of Reactive Intermediates in Chemistry and Biology) June, 2010
Ionic Liquids: From Knowledge to Application (Acs Symposium Series) June, 2010
Heterocyclic Chemistry June, 2010
The Alkaloids, Volume 69: Chemistry and Biology July, 2010
Basic Organometallic Chemistry: Concepts, Syntheses, and Applications of Transition Metals July, 2010
Metathesis in Natural Product Synthesis: Strategies, Substrates and Catalysts July, 2010
Advances in Heterocyclic Chemistry, Volume 101 July, 2010
Organic Chemist's Desk Reference, Second Edition July, 2010
Ideas in Chemistry and Molecular Sciences: 3 Volume Set: Advances in Synthetic Chemistry - Where Chemistry Meets Life - Advances in Nanotechnology, Materials and Devices July, 2010
Organic Reactions (Volume 76) July, 2010
Environmentally Benign Photocatalysts: Applications of Titanium Oxide-based Materials (Nanostructure Science and Technology) July, 2010
Organometallic Chemistry (SPR Organometallic Chemistry) July, 2010
Asymmetric Heterogeneous Supported Catalysis: Use of Nitrogen-containing Ligands July, 2010
Microwave Heating as a Tool for Sustainable Chemistry (Sustainability) August, 2010
The Pincer Ligand (Catalytic Science) August, 2010
Metal-Organic Frameworks: Design and Application August, 2010
Analytical Methods in Combinatorial Chemistry, Second Edition (Critical Reviews in Combinatorial Chemistry) August, 2010
Modern Drug Synthesis August, 2010
Silver in Organic Chemistry August, 2010
Phosphorus in Organic Chemistry August, 2010
Thiophene In Materials Chemistry September, 2010
Handbook of Heterocyclic Chemistry, Third Edition September, 2010
Heterogenized Homogeneous Catalysts for Fine Chemicals Production: Materials and Processes (Catalysis September, 2010
N-Heterocyclic Carbenes in Transition Metal Catalysis and Organocatalysis (Catalysis September, 2010
Aromatic Hydroxyketones: Preparation and Physical Properties: Vol.1: Hydroxybenzophenones Vol.2: Hydroxyacetophenones I Vol.3: Hydroxyacetophenones II ... Hydroxypivalophenones and Derivatives September, 2010
Advances in Carbohydrate Chemistry and Biochemistry, Volume 64 (Advances in Ccarbohydrate Chemistry and Biochemistry) September, 2010
Catalytic Asymmetric Conjugate Reactions September, 2010
Stable Radicals: Fundamentals and Applied Aspects of Odd-Electron Compounds September, 2010
Chemical Synthesis of Hormones, Pheromones and Other Bioregulators October, 2010
Conformational Concept For Synthetic Chemist's Use: Principles and in Lab Exploitation October, 2010
Organometallic Compounds of Low-Coordinate Si, Ge, Sn and Pb: From Phantom Species to Stable Compounds October, 2010
Progress in Heterocyclic Chemistry Volume 22, Volume 22 November, 2010
VCD Spectroscopy for Organic Chemists November, 2010
Catalysis without Precious Metals November, 2010
Catalyzed Carbon-Heteroatom Bond Formation November, 2010
Practical Functional Group Chemistry for Organic Chemists: Key Techniques and Reactions November, 2010
Handbook of Porphyrin Science (Volumes 11�15): With Applications to Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science, Engineering, Biology and Medicine December, 2010
Stereochemistry Workbook December, 2010
Solid-phase Organic Syntheses December, 2010
Advances in Organometallic Chemistry, Volume 58 December, 2010
Transition Metal-Catalyzed Alkynylation Reactions December, 2010