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Organic Chemistry Societies

Medicinal Chemistry Societies



Organic Chemistry Organizations

  • ARKAT Foundation

    Organization with two main goals: to publish a free global online journal of organic chemistry with a view to promoting the dissemination of the most recent discoveries and research results in this field and, secondly, to establish a Compound Collection (ACC).

  • MPDI

    Molecular Diversity Preservation International (MDPI), a nonprofit and an independent international organization located in Switzerland, coordinates and provides supporting services of worldwide registration, deposit and distribution of molecular and biomolecular samples for chemistry journals, for chemistry and biochemistry professionals and for commercial and academic organizations.

General chemistry societies


  • European Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Education Network(EC2E2N)

    Find information about major European chemistry societies & organisations (including FECS), initiatives & projects, industrial & research developments, forthcoming conferences & events, funding & awards, younger chemists activities throughout Europe, important publications, careers advice and specialist networks in your subject area.

  • The Postdoc Network

    The mission of the Postdoc Network is to connect postdocs, their associations, and institutional offices, allowing these groups to share information and ideas.