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Current/future table of contents

Current awareness services


  • Methods in Organic Synthesis(MOS)

    MOS is an alerting service covering the most important current developments in organic synthesis. It contains around 200 new reaction schemes every month. Items are selected for inclusion only where there is detail of novel or interesting features in organic synthetic methods.

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  • Current Contents (Physical, Chemical & Earth science)
    • Information: bibliographic data from articles, editorials, meeting abstracts, commentaries
    • Coverage: about 7,000 journals and 2,000 books from a broad range of disciplines.
  • Cheminform
    • Information: graphical summaries and abstracts
    • Coverage: about 100 chemistry journals
  • Chemical & engineering news
    • information: magazine with the latest chemical and chemical engineering news
    • Coverage: all ACS publications



  • Catalysts & Catalysed Reactions
    • Information: Graphical abstracts of new developments in catalysis selected from over 80 journals
    • Coverage: Journal list
    • Presentation: Reaction diagrams, complete bibliographic data. Each item is indexed by Authors, Products, Reactants and Catalysts, Catalyst Type and Reaction Type.
  • Chemical Science
    • Information: Chemical Science is a new current awareness tool, freely available online and as a free supplement in the print issues of several RSC journals
    • Coverage: all RSC Publications, 2004-
    • Presentation: Chemical Science provides a 'snapshot' of the latest developments across the chemical sciences.
  • Current Chemical Reactions
    • Information: all new and newly modified synthetic methods
    • Coverage: 1979-.
    • Presentation: reaction diagrams, complete bibliographic data and four integrated indexes
  • Index Chemicus
    • Information: the most recent novel compounds
    • Coverage: over 100 organic chemistry journals (1991-).
    • Presentation: full graphical summaries, important reaction diagrams, complete bibliographic information, and author abstracts.
  • Methods in Organic Synthesis
    • Information: the most important current developments in organic synthesis
    • Coverage: list of covered organic synthesis journals
    • Presentation: graphical summaries including titles, bibliographic details and reaction schemes (about 200 in each issue)
  • Natural Products Updates
    • Information: isolation studies (new compounds and known compounds from new sources), structure determinations, new properties, total and bio-synthesis.
    • Presentation: structure diagrams, together with trivial and taxonomic names, molecular formulae, physical properties, spectral data and biological activities, graphical summaries including titles, bibliographic details and reaction schemes (about 200 in each issue)
  • ChemPlusChem
    • information: multidisciplinary journal focusing on chemistry
    • coverage: more than 100 chemistry journals
    • Presentation: graphical summaries, full bibliographic details and reaction schemes


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