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Benefits of ElectroSynthesis

  • Simpler synthesis, waste reduction

    Electrochemical reactions can be performed with both increased speed and purity of the reaction products because of the lack of spent redox reagents.

  • Selective transformation

    Selective transformation can take place without protecting groups by either controlling the applied voltage (i.e. redox potential) or by taking advantage of difference in affinity to metal electrodes of similarly electron-rich functional groups.

  • Process improvement

    When scaling up, no fundamental changes in the process is required, which is often the case in conventional synthesis

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The optimization of an electrochemical synthesis demands a thorough understanding of the underlying physical and mechanistic chemistry. Therefore, the web site "Organic ElectroSynthesis" is an excellent starting point for both a researcher new to the field as an expert who is looking for an intuitively organized web site about this subject.

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