Impact Factors

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    CrossRef allows the user to move from one article to another at the citation level, regardless of journal or publisher.


    A free gateway to the most highly influential scientists. Includes biographical information (education, faculty and professional posts, society memberships and/or offices, current research interests, and personal web sites) and full listing of publications (journal articles, book or book chapters, presentations at conferences, web sites and other internet resources).

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    Presents statistical data that provides a systematic, objective way to determine the relative importance of journals within their subject categories

  • The Impact factor and Using the Impact factor
  • Impact factor

    Lecture about the impact factor

  • The Multiple Meanings of Impact Factors
  • The Number That's Devouring Science

    The impact factor, once a simple way to rank scientific journals, has become an unyielding yardstick for hiring, tenure, and grants.