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IUPAC recommendations


Acronyms and Abbreviations



  • Chemindex

    Chemindex is a searchable database guiding to information resources on over 200,000 chemicals. Each Chemindex record contains e.g. chemical names and synonyms, the CAS registry number, and a list of the CCINFO databases containing information on that substance.


  • ACD/Dictionary

    Contains over 140,000 systematic and non-systematic names along with the corresponding molecular structures of the most frequently used chemicals and biologicals classified by more than 200 therapeutic categories.


Structure to name conversion

  • ACD/Name

    Generates systematic names according to IUPAC and IUMBM recommendations on Nomenclature of Organic Chemistry for almost any organic structure and selected classes of natural products, biochemical, organometallic and inorganic structures.

  • Nomenclator

    Assigns systematic names to organic structures according to IUPAC nomenclature rules (1993 blue book).

Name to structure conversion

  • NamExpert

    From a chemical name (IUPAC or trivial), it creates the corresponding structure in one of the three styles: shorthand, Kekule, or semistructural formula.

  • Chemdraw module: Struct <=> Name Pro 12.0

    Generates a ChemDraw structure by typing in systematic chemical names for most substances.

  • ACD/Name to Structure

    Generates structures from systematic and trivial chemical names, designates stereo configuration of chiral centers and double bonds, assigns numbers to atoms in the structure and reports warnings about ambiguity of chemical name.


  • IUPAC Homepage

    The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry is a voluntary non-governmental, non-profit organization that unites chemists from all over the world.