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  • Accelrys Chemistry Workflow Solutions
  • This suite can help you with everything from designing synthetic methodologies and running experiments to reporting and registering your results.

Electronic laboratory notebooks


    CIARA (Chemical Information And Reactions Assistant) stores chemical information and assists in planning chemical reactions. It calculates information such as molecular weights, moles, reactant amounts, percent yields, and elemental analysis. A materials list with 1000 reactants is included.

  • E-Lab Notebook

    E-Lab Notebook organizes information typically stored in paper notebooks. Pages consist of Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, ChemDraw reactions, stoichiometry grids and spectral data


    ExpereactTM is a complete laboratory management program that includes, among others, the functions of stock keeping as well as all the functions of a laboratory notebook and the search tools allowing finding easily products or reactions records.

  • Infotrieve Electronic Laboratory Notebook

    A complete laboratory management program that includes advanced levels of security and encryption, an access control list (ACL) scheme for administrative control over user permissions and complies with the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 21 Part 11.

  • LabTrack

    Both a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and an Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN)

  • ORNL Electronic notebook project

In-house chemical structure databases

  • ChemOffice

    ChemOffice, consisting of ChemDraw, Chem3D, ChemFinder, ChemInfo and E-Lab Notebook, transforms your PC or Macintosh into a chemical publishing, modeling, and database workstation.

  • ISIS/Base

    A flexible desktop database management system for storing, searching, and retrieving chemical structures and associated scientific data.

  • KnowItAll® Academic Edition

    The free Academic Edition of KnowItAll allows you to draw structures, perform IR and Raman functional group analysis, access a multi-technique spectral database with cross-references, and generate high-quality reports.