• Phoxime(TM) Resin

    A novel, air-stable, easily-handled, polymer-bound phosgene equivalent for the combinatorial synthesis of isocyanates and ureas.

  • Physicochemical Properties of Popular Liquids

    Physical properties of over seventy popular solvents and liquids that may be encountered in a laboratory. An easy comparison of their properties is possible by sorting all substances in ascending or descending order of the desired criteria.

  • PS-Thiophenol

    PS-Thiophenol scavenges alkylating agents such as alkyl bromides. It is a more effective scavenger than a polymer-bound benzyl thiol because of the higher nucleophilicity of the thiophenolate.

  • Selectfluor(TM) Fluorinating Reagent

    An elegant electrophilic fluorinating reagent. Examples of fluorination of steroids, pyrimidines, b-dicarbonyl compounds, activated aromatics etc. are presented.