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  • Chemical Abstracts

    The most complete guide to the chemical literature (1907 - ). [Organic sections]

    Each weekly issue of CA contains at the end an author index, a patent index and a keyword index.

    The semi-annual/annual and collective indexes (Collective Index Periods) are:
    chemical substance index, general subject index, formula index, author index and patent index.

    Additional indices: ring index and index guide . The latter provides structural formulae and/or cross-references for compounds and subjects.

    The printed edition has been discontinued since 2010, Chemical Abstract is only available via Scifinder and STN

    CAS Standard Abbreviations and Acronyms

  • Beilstein

    Beilstein's 'Handbuch der organischen Chemie' covers over 3 million organic compounds until 1979 listing their name, molecular formula, structural formula, all methods of preparation, important physical, chemical and biological properties, occurrence in nature, and information about derivatives.
    The location of information on any particular compound in the handbook requires some knowledge of the Beilstein classification system and an appropriate search technique, but Beilsteins offers free software called SANDRA which tell you where to look for your compound (or its analogues) in the Beilstein Handbook.

    Guide to the printed Beilstein

    Information is presented in German. For the English user, help can be found in:

    Beilstein Dictionary
    German-English Terms for Physical Properties in Beilstein
    German-English Terms for Reaction Chemistry in Beilstein

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