Review Sources

Journals with review articles only

Book series and encyclopedia


Patents are an excellent source for a review of prior art.

Review indexing sources


  • Synthesis Reviews

    A database of about 19,500 English review articles and books of interest to synthetic organic chemists, published between 1970 and 2005.

WWW sources

Printed resources

  • Index to scientific reviews (semi-annually, 1974-, ISI)

    Provides complete bibliographic data on the world's most recently published reviews and review-type articles. Indexes over 64,000 items each year, providing full coverage of over 200 review serials plus coverage of related material from over 2,600 primary research journals.

Abstracting services

  • Chemical abstracts

    Review articles are indicated with capital R between volume and abstract number (e.g. 92:R12467g).
    For the printed editions, look under the index heading "review" in the weekly keyword index. The printed edition has been discontinued since 2010. It is only available online via Scifinder and TSN. When searching CD-ROM or on-line: combine your term with review or review/DT (e.g. s pyridines and review)

  • Science citation index

    In the printed edition is a review designated by R on the same line as the journal abbreviation.

  • Current Contents

Indexes in journals and book series

  • Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. - Index to Review Articles, v.41, supplement 1 (March 2002) [Electronic version]

    Provides both an Author and Keyword Subject index to Review Articles, published from 1962 to 2001

  • Journal of Organic Chemistry (1978-1985, 1990- )

    Lists a few times a year virtually all review articles and monographs in organic chemistry. Each list includes a subject index.

  • Review section in Current Chemical Reactions

    Compilation of new reviews grouped by journals in which they appear.

  • Literature of heterocyclic chemistry:

    - Belen'kii, Adv. Heterocycl. Chem. 44, 269-396, 1988
    - Karitzky and Jones, Adv. Heterocycl. Chem. 25, 303-391, 1979.
    - Katritsky and Weeds, Adv. Heterocycl. Chem. 7, 225-299, 1966.

  • Literature of organometallic chemistry:

    - Smith and Walton, Adv. Organomet. Chem. 13, 453-558, 1975.
    - Bruce, Adv. Organomet. Chem. 10, 273-346, 1972; 11, 447-471 1973; 12, 380-407, 1974.