Solid Phase Extraction

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Benefits of Solid Phase Extraction
Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) is widely used for the purification of small compound libraries synthezised in solution. Compared to the classic liquid-liquid extraction using the separatory funnel or the preparative HPLC purification it offers several advantages:

  • Reduced lab time
  • Easy manipulation
  • Lesser amount of solvent required, no disposal of large quantaties of organic solvents
  • Higher concentration factor
  • No problem with the miscibility of solvent
  • Easy adaptable for very selective extraction
  • Easy automatisation
  • Avoids problems such as incomplete phase separations, less-than-quantitative recoveries and emulsion formation as encountered in liquid-liquid extractions

Reaction mixtures from parallel synthesis can easily be purified in a parallel fashion with commercially available disposable cartridges/tubes/disks and a vacuum manifold. However, a basic knowledge is necessary of how to perform SPE extractions in a efficient way by selecting the right sorbent (from a variety of reversed, normal or ion exchange phases), conditioning, selective washing and eluting the compounds of interest.

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