Stockroom Inventory

  • Chemical Manager Software

    Can be used to manage and track research samples and lab chemicals. It's coupled with technical and MSDS databases.

  • Chemical Inventory Manager (CIM)  

    NEXXIS CIM is a client/server system that can be used to record and track chemical inventories. With additional configuration, NEXXIS CIM can be integrated with laboratory balances to ensure accurate recording of chemical use.


    The Chemical Inventory System (CIS) is a high performance database system designed specifically for tracking chemicals and laboratory supplies. Information stored for each chemical record includes the name, ID#, Expiration Date, MSDS ID, Formula, Vendor, Catalog Number, two container size definitions, storage locations, on-hand quantities, hazard information, NFPA handling codes, special handling equipment, spill control protocol, costs, and synonyms.

  • Chemfolder

    Searches based on structure and substructures are possible along with the data field searches that are available with any database. Physical property values can be calculated and the data fields created automatically for each structure record. Data fields can contain simple values, or be linked to any file or URL.

  • Kelaroo – Chemical Sourcing and Inventory Management System 

    This Reagent Management System puts in-house containers and commercially purchasable reagents available for scientist’s. Functions include search, select, request, track containers, process requests, reconcile inventory … You can also add reagent catalog data from vendors of interest.

  • SiteHawk

    Different kinds of inventory management programs for every type of user

  • ScholAR Chemical Inventory Database

    Lab users can easily find where a particular chemical is stored, and bring up the MSDS information on screen.